What is a pype

Inside our Firepype, we define a Pype as a series of actions that link to one another each one acting on the next, when possible actions are run in parallel to maximize efficiency.  A Pype's job is to organize a set of tasks you need performed regularly on your media.  By setting a pype up once, you'll be creating a reusable set of actions that will be performed on any media sent to the Pype.  If you are sending your media to many sites, and or need to resize, convert, or watermark your media then you can use Firepype to perform those tasks while you do more important things.

To begin building a Pype you start with a Loader Node, this node tells the pype how media is going to be brought into the pype.  Currently our choices are to load files manually one by one, or to utilize what we refer to as a Watch Folder.  A watch folder is a folder that is synchonized by a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.  These services allow you to copy a file to a folder in the cloud.  When this file is synchronized we are notified and begin to take action.  

Once you have defined how a file is loaded into the pype, you need to figure out what you want done with that file.  This is where you really begin to customize the pype, as you can now start mixing and matching the nodes to suit your need.

Current nodes include:

Loader Node

This is the node that brings your media into your Pype, once the media is loaded it is passed on to the next node in line.

Converter Node (audio)
This node takes either video or audio files in and converts them to a specified type of audio file at a specified bitrate.

Converter Node (video)

This node can convert video to different codecs, sizes.

Compositor Node

With this node, you can overlay a png with transparency overtop a video file dynamically when linked with a watch folder.

Distributor Node

This node sends your file out to various cloud services (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP)

Informer Node

This node alerts you when a certain stage of your pype has been achieved.

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